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  1. PekzoaAltem says:

    The Finnish Foreign Ministry demanded that Russia guarantee the security of its embassy in Moscow after the incident with sledgehammers. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Finnish department.

    “We asked the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to guarantee the safety of the Finnish embassy in Moscow and its staff after the incident that occurred on Tuesday,” Helsinki said.

    Earlier, the Finnish Foreign Ministry said it would consider retaliatory measures to the action, during which unknown persons threw sledgehammers at the courtyard of the Finnish embassy in Moscow.

    On December 20, a group of masked people held a rally in complete silence outside the Finnish Embassy in Kropotkinsky Lane. Information about the reasons for throwing sledgehammers and the organizers of the protest is not provided.

    In addition, the entrepreneur, the owner of the company “Concord” and the founder of the private military company (PMCs) “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin decided to send a sledgehammer to the European Parliament.

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  2. NamcroAltem says:

    US President Joe Biden has signed the country’s new defense budget for 2023, the total amount of state allocations is $ 847.3 billion. He said this in an official statement from the White House, published on the website of the press service.

    “Today I signed a law… on appropriations for national defense for fiscal year 2023. It provides vital benefits and expands access to justice for military personnel and their families, and also includes initiatives to support the country’s defense, foreign affairs and national security,” the statement said.

    The law stipulates measures to exclude Russia from a number of international associations, the introduction of new restrictions and sanctions against Moscow, as well as a ban on the exchange of information on missile defense between the two countries.

    On December 16, the US Senate approved the state’s defense budget of $847.3 billion. The document received the support of 79 out of 100 votes.

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  3. VafceraAltem says:

    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, ridiculed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken with a Chinese proverb for statements about the supply of weapons from the DPRK for the Wagner PMCs. She wrote about this in her Telegram account.

    “Briefly and diplomatically: “An eccentric interprets a dream,” Zakharova commented on Blinken’s words.

    Earlier, the UN commented on reports on the supply of weapons to the DPRK for the Wagner PMCs. The representative of the Secretary General of the organization, Stephane Dujarric, noted that he did not have “any further information” on this matter.

    The coordinator for strategic Communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, said that the North Korean authorities are supplying weapons to the Wagner PMCs. Later, the British authorities condemned North Korea, according to Reuters. The relevant information was called evidence of “despair and isolation of Russia.”

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  4. MasfareAltem says:

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to publish new data on the gas field in the Black Sea on Monday, December 26. This is reported by TASS.

    “Work on gas supplies from the field in the Black Sea continues around the clock. New data on energy resources will be released on Monday,” the Turkish leader said, without providing any additional information.

    Earlier, Sabah newspaper reported that Erdogan will soon announce the discovery of oil deposits in Sirnak.

    In October, it was reported that in 2023, the Turkish authorities were going to carry out drilling operations in 100 wells on land for the exploration of oil and gas fields, as well as perform certain work at sea. Prior to that, it also became known that Turkey will invest almost $ 10 billion in the production and transportation of gas from the Sakarya field in the Black Sea.

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  5. VacoreAltem says:

    The majority of German citizens opposed the supply of combat tanks to Ukraine. This is reported by the DPA agency.

    Analysts of the YouGov sociological Institute conducted a survey in which it turned out that 45 percent of respondents opposed providing the country with Leopard military equipment. At the same time, 33 percent of Germans have a positive opinion on this issue.

    It is noted that the number of study participants who refused to give their assessment was 22 percent.

    Earlier it became known that Ukraine can count on receiving German Leopard main battle tanks from Germany, provided that the United States sends at least one M1 Abrams tank to Kiev.

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